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Neopost Offical First Day Covers for June 30, 2002 Postage Rate Change

On June 30, 2002, Neopost created several Official First Day Covers at their Headquarters in California. Of particular interest is the Offical First Day Cover with the 37c Neopostage stamp. Twenty-three 37c variety h2 singles solo Offical First Day Covers were made. What is interesting about these covers is their disbursement.
The United States Postal Service requested and recevied eight of these covers for their archive. Another three was given to a private individual for documenting the history of the Neopost Webenabled stamps. The remaining twelve are part of the Neopost archive.  Neopost assigned a $2500 value to each cover (in July 2002) due to the fact it is made with their own cachet.
The Offical First Day Covers that are part of the USPS and Neopost archives will  never be available to collectors. However, their is hope. The three covers given to the priviate individual  were also disbursed.
Two of the three covers were disbursed to a private collector in July 2002. The Links above (Picture 1 and Picture 2) are of the two covers owned by the private collector.