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On this page I provide several online references on the Neopost TM Web-enabled stamps. The intent is to be a information clearinghouse on the Neopost Web-enabled stamps. 


Collector Information
This is the "bible" of the Neopost Webenabled stamps. The author's research and findings are well documented  in the Specialized Catalogue for Neopost Webenabled Stamps, by Cerizet.  To see an online version of the catalogue, visit the following link.

Another online catalogue (predates the Specialized Catalogue for Neopost Webenable Stamps) is the first to make information about these stamps available to collectors. 
Meter Stamp Society (MSS) Bulletin Number 257.
(after link appears select MSS Bulletin No. 257). Accurate article. I reccommend purchasing this bulletin issue.  (2/11/07 link dead will repair) 

Corporate Information 
4-Sheet Era Information
See April/May 2001 article titled U.S. Postal Service Tests Self-Service Kiosk by Creative, The Magazine of Promotion and Marketing. Excellent photo of the kiosk! Be on the look out for this kiosk in your city!
See the Shabano design case study  for the Neopost kiosk. Excellent case study on the development for Neopost TM Inc. Nice screen shots of the software in action. Also, see the new logo designs. (Note that stamp denominations are pre-June 30, 2003 postage rate increase.)
Offical announcement for stamp testing. 
Another offical announcement for stamp testing. 
See the article titled Self-Service Postage Kiosk in the May 2001 issue of the Kiosk Magazine Online. Excellent photo of the 4-stamp sheet and kiosk. Note: I have been advised that this screen shot of the women touching the touchscreen is from a proprierty video with very limited release. Have you seen this video?  
See the September 2001 announcement on the new indicia being tested at a few select locations. United States Postal Service (USPS) postal bulletin 22059 (search for the keyword - Indicia)
10-Sheet Era Information
Offical Neopost TM Inc announcement on its new self-service postage kiosk. (.pdf file)

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