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10-Stamp Sheet Information

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10-Stamp Sheet Information

Kiosk locations that produced 10-stamp sheets.:
    Hayward, California
    Hewitt 1, Illinois
    Hewitt 2, Illinois
    West*Quest*Lobby, Maryland
    USPS Rosslyn, Virginia
    Dallas CC, Texas (? I have not seen a 10-stamp sheet from this location)
    Postal Forum # 701  (April 2002)
    Demo Location (New Orleans NPF - April 2003)
West*Quest*Lobby Kiosk:
Stamps from this kiosk can be classified into 3 categories: eBay sales, private sales and my personal collection. eBay sales and private sales begain in November 2002. I am compiling a listing of purchasess from my credit card statements. I am also reviewing sellers e-mails and eBay history to assist in the this task. 
Sales can be separated into individual sheets, errors, sets, and covers. As for covers, several personal covers were made (this incldues: China, Germany, Belgium, US cities....) and sent through the USPS..
As for my private collection, I have been collecting monthly short sets along with other interesting purchases. I have collected short sets from July 2002 through August 2003 (with the exception of September 2002). In September 2002, I made several wrong assumptions and stop making purchases. However, in following month I restarted this monthly purchasing program. This means that September 2002 dated sheets (from the Baltimore Kiosk) may not exist. 
Hayward Kiosk:
An individual on eBay randomly sold Hayward Kiosk 10-stamp sheets. This was an individual new to stamp collecting and being a stamp seller (asked my seller for advise on shipping the sheets and cost for shipping). I believe this person worked for Neopost. Sales lasted less than a month and the individual disappeared from eBay.
Hewitt 1 Kiosk:
I have not seen personally seen any sheet from this location. The location of Kiosk is rumored to be located at a Hewitt Associates building, hence, the Hewitt designation.
Hewitt 2 Kiosk:
I received this single sheet as a gift from a fellow collector.    
USPS Rosslynn Kiosk:
I  traded Baltimore sheets for USPS Rosslynn sheets with an individual (who had access or knew someone with access to the USPS Rosslynn kiosk). I have wondered in and arround the Rosslyn post office and in the city of Rosslyn with no results. The drive from the Baltimore Kiosk to the City of Rosslyn is about 1 hour.
Collectors and individuals who were aware the location of kiosks kept them secret. I personally did not reveal the location of the Baltimore kiosk. I had  great times with my wife searching for the USPS Rosslyn kiosk (when 4-stamp and 10-stamps were being dispensed). During the 4-stamp period we even drove and stood in front of the Neopost Engineering Office in Warrenton, Virginia - within days Neopost removed this address from its website.).  

Meter Stamp Society (MSS) Donation
On  January 12, 2003 I sent this to the President of the MSS.
Mr. Hawkins,
    I recently read the "Neopostage" article in MSS issue #257. The anonymous stamp collector mentioned me in the introduction. I supplied the anonymous collector with all of the Baltimore data and stamps from machine #6. Each Baltimore sheet at his website (or in his possession) can be identified with my credit card numbers. 
    I am sending you a certified letter with four mint Neopostage sheets (10-stamp version). Please accept this donation and enter them in the next MSS auction. These are the 10-stamp sheets in the 50c, 60c, 70c, and 80c stamp denomination (foreign postage).  Attached are scans of the actual donated items. Items will be shipped to your address listed in the MSS bulletin.
Darryl Gomez
Below are images of the items donated to the MSS. Sheets are consecutively numbered and in mint condition. These sheets have an earlier set of control numbers.