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**This web site has no affiliation with the Neopost Group or its US subsidiary Neopost Inc. This is a collector web site. **

I hope you enjoy my web site. The intent of this web site  is to share collector information about the Neopost TM webenabled stamps.  It is also a means to showcase items from collectors. If you would like to share an image of an item in your collection or sell/trade an item, please contact me.

09/06/2014 I'm still here!

Update Notification:

On November 18, 2011
Here is a link to an archived version of the Neopost "Bible"....enjoy

On November 13, 2011
Hello! I'm still here !

On August 1, 2010

-08/01/10 - I added some few interesting articles. Here is the link...

- 07/09/10 - I'm still around! Got my PhD! And it's time to enjoy my stamp collecting hobby once again. Here is a news wire link of the Neopost webenabled stamps in 2001.

The Specialized Catalogue for Neopost Webenabled Stamps, by Cerizet, is no more due to the Geocities shutdown. However, I did save hard copies of his writings from the website!

Rumor has it that Cerizet has sold his entire Neopost collection and has no vested interest in re-hosting his catalogue at another webserver....

- 09/06/09 - Whoa...It has been years since I updated this site (found my lost my password).  I have also been marticulating in an engineering  doctorate program and have been in a passive state of collecting. I have created a groups at
I have posted the Baltimore stamp purchase information that I have compliled (from my purchases at Kiosk #6) in the group forum.
My email address has been updated.
- 02/11/07 - Its has been sometime since I updated this website. I will be updating portions of this website as my time permits.
- 06/06/04 - NAPEX 2004 - My first exhibit entry ever. Also. this was the first public showing of the Baltimore Unofficial First Day Covers, Official Neopost FDC, 4-stamp sheets, 10-stamp sheets, early known usages, forerunner stamps, etc....Here is a  link of the exhibit (frame 52 - 55).
This exhibit won three awards: NAPEX Bronze Medal, AAPE Exhibitirs Novice Award and APS Award of Excellence, predominately post 1980.  Select the Exhibits Tab for the awards and  photos of the exhibit.
- 09/25/03 - I'm back-up after the effects of Isabel in the State of  Maryland. I added a new page titled, What are Neopost Webenabled Stamps?  I have been receiving several e-mails asking this question.
- 09/05/03 - Information of 10-stamp Baltimore purchases are being complied at this time. Findings will be placed on this web site.
- 09/03/03 - Added a 10-Stamp sheet page with collector information. Updated the Originals Club page. Also, please visit Cerizet catalog (link on Information Clearing house page, for updated information on 10-stamp sheets).
- 09/01/03 - Added a Cover page with several images of covers franked with Neopost stamps
-  08/31/03 - Reliable sources has confirmed that Neopost TM has deactivated operations at all field located kiosks. 
-  08/30/03 - I saw a copy of the 2003 Krause Minkus Standard Catalogue of US Stamps. Page 422 of the "On Demand Postage" section. This is the first time that the Neopost Webenabled stamps has been listed in a major stamp catalogue (seems that the source of the information came Meter Stamp Society bulletin# 254, Winter 2001). 
-  08/27/03 - Neopost TM has disabled Baltimore kiosk operations.  Can anyone report the operations at other kiosks? 
- July 2003- August 2003 - Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been extremely busy to post items to this web page. I will add information when I can. Here are some items worth mentioning.
   - Prices realized at Ebay TM auctions.
   - Control number error.
   - My short set collection.
   - My recent trades. 
   - Items for sale in Cerizet's catalogue. 
   - Update of Originals Club members.
06/30/03  Sales History page. This page is still under construction. I am soliciting information on the sales of Neopost Stamp Sheets or covers.
- 06/15/03 Summary of Recent Varieties and Details of New Varieties pages. Added information (and photo) on newest error variety (matching control numbers) and identified new collector material (only known "grand" control number error set, only known "short" control number error set and only known control number error sheet on cover). 
On May 13, 2003
- A new variety appeared at the Baltimore Kiosk on May 7. Details and image added to Summary of Recent Varieties page. 
On May 3, 2003
- Updated Collections Link Page with text (and sample image) of the unique Unoffical Baltimore Kiosk Postal Rate Change First Day Cover Set.
On May 2, 2003
- Added photo to Details of Recent Varieties page. Photo is of a sheet with repeating control numbers from the Rosslyn kiosk.
On April 29, 2003
- Updated Items For Sale page. Added e-mail contacts to purchase Hayward and Baltimore Kiosk stamps.
On April 15, 2003
- Added the definition of a "short set" and "long set" on the History and Background page
- Corrected the link to the Winter Sport Collection again (Collection Links tab).

Visit the Collection Page for a larger picture
Light Blue and Blue Flag

On April 12, 2003
- I corrected the link within the Collection Links tab. The Winter Sports Collection link was corrected (Largest Known Collection of Neopost Covers from the 34c postal rate era). A new tab was inserted for a new picture of a light blue and blue flag  comparision.
- I added a interesting photo on the bottom of the Photo Album page.
On April 4, 2003 I added several new items under Items For Sale.
On March 24, 2003 I added a new tab selection named Recent Varieties

Weekly Question

Collectors often like to share their knowledge -- or show it off, as the case may be. In this area, I'll include a quiz question that has to do with my collection. E-mail me if you know the answer.

This week's question:  When did the 10-stamp sheet control numbers change?

Last week's question: What factors make covers franked with the 34c Neopost TM  stamp rare?
Last week's answer:
1) Limited Access - Kiosks were located in restricted areas and were impossible to access by stamp collectors.
2) Limited Supply - A very limited supply of sheets were being made available to stamp collectors.
3) Limited Information on the Stamp - Only a limited number of  stamp collectors knew about the stamps.  
4) Hoarding - Stamp collector available sheets were not being used due to its very  limited supply.
5) Uninformed Stamp Cover Collectors -  Stamp cover collectors were unaware that these stamp covers existed. Covers that were made by kiosk users were not being saved. 


Please let me know what you think of my collection and site!