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Here are a few pictures of items in my collection. 

I obtained this 10-count blank sheet  in a trade back in July 2002. The previous owner obtained it from NeopostTM to document the history of the NeopostageTM Webenabled Stamps.  NeopostTM obtained United States Postal Service (USPS) authorization to provide this writer with two blank sheets. NeopostTM is required by USPS to keep all test and blank material at NeopostTM in order to prevent forgeries. 
According to the Specialized Catalogue for Neopost Webenabled Stamps, Chapter 2.3, the current inventory of blank sheets outside NeopostTM is five sheets.


Blank 10 Stamp Sheet

I was surprised when a cover that I created with a 23c stamp and a voided stamp (from a US Express Mail sheet) came back as shown.  My best guess is that the cover have been irradiated by the USPS (to sanitize it for possible antrax contamination and/or testing).  Anyway, the Neopost TM fluorescent "N" can now be seen in normal light.