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History and Background

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Actual Scan from eBay TM Item 1248247650 Listing

Untouched Scan of First Set Sold to a Collector

Earliest Dated Collector Covers From Machine #6

The earliest dated collector covers using the Neopost TM stamps (variety a) from machine #6 is June 29, 2001. Only four covers were created with variety a in the month of June. I utilized a single sheet to make four postcard covers. Sheet identified as "Postage Set 12 / 12" (control numbers ending with 9217, 9224, 9222 and 9223)was used to make the covers (note only a single 12 stamp purchase of variety a was ever made). All covers have gone through normal mailing through the Baltimore, Maryland post office. Three of the Four covers have been sold via eBay TM or private sale. The used sheet still resides in my collection.
The factors that make covers franked with the 34c Neopost TM stamps rare are:
1) Limited Access - Kiosks were located in restricted areas and were impossible to access by stamp collectors.
2) Limited Supply - A very limited supply of sheets were being made available to stamp collectors.
3) Limited Information on the Stamp - Only a limited number of  stamp collectors knew about the stamps.  
4) Hoarding - Stamp collector available sheets were not being used due to its very  limited supply.
5) Uninformed Stamp Cover Collectors -  Stamp cover collectors were unaware that these stamp covers existed. Covers that were made by kiosk users were not being saved. 

...9224 (bottom right stamp from sheet)

....9223 (Upper right stamp from sheet)

,,,,9222 (botton left stamp from sheet)

....9217 (Upper right stamp from sheet)

Early Covers From California and Virginia 

During December 2001, I was contacted by collector KR in California (after seeing one of my later eBay TM auction postings). I sold a type set via private sale to this collector. Somehow this collector got access to the kiosk located California. He forward me a 4-stamp sheet from the Hayward kiosk. This was a surprise to me. The enveloped that I recevied was also franked with a Neopost TM stamp (from the Hayward kiosk). The stamp was cancelled in Oakland, CA and is dated December 22, 2001.
During January 2002, I made contact with a Neopost TM software developer . I e-mailed him images of my "State" collection (Maryland and California). I inquired about obtaining a Virginia sheet.  To my surprise, he forwarded me a Warrenton, VA sheet (from the Warrenton kiosk) along with an used National Postal Forum (NPF) Sheet (two stamps were missing).  I  was now a proud owner of a very unique "State Collection". I had sheets from Maryland, California and Virginia kiosks (and a used NPF sheet from Florida). The envelope that I received from this software developer was franked with a Neopost TM webenabled stamp. This stamp was cancelled in Dulles, VA and is dated January 22. 2002.
Covers during the 34-cent postage rate era are rare. Collectors were just not using the sheets. They were being hoarded as mint sheets, however, several individuals with ready access to the kiosks were freely using the Neopost TM  webenabled stamps.
A collection with covers franked with 34c Neopost webenabled stamps from the Maryland, California and Virginia kiosks are extremely rare (especially ones addressed to the same individual and address).
Areas in yellow were used to protect the privacy of the individuals who sent me the sheets/covers and also to protect my mailing address.  Note I will update this image at a later date.



Kiosk Locations
Currently, the Neopostage TM kiosks are all deactivated. Here are the states with kiosks: 
California (Redwood later moved to Hayward - proper credentials required for kiosk access)
Maryland (West*Quest*Lobby - proper credentials required for kiosk access)
Virginia (USPS Rosslyn - access by USPS employeess only)
Virginia (NOL Warrenton  - Neopost Engineering Office)
Illinois (Hewitt 1 and Hewitt 2 - proper credentials required for kiosk access)
Texas (Dallas CC)
Note: From time to time active kiosks were moved to special locations (i.e. for compliance testing, demonstrations and trade shows).
Specifc kiosk location are very hard to obtain since Neopost TM and/or informed collectors are unwilling to provide this information. These kiosks are not accessable by the general public.
The kiosks were located in secured buildings. You were  required to show proper identification for building entry. Let me stress that access to the kiosks were highly restrictive. Access by collectors were frown upon at the kiosk locations. 

Stamp Purchase Types


4-count Sheet Purchase types (May 2001 - May 2002):

37c................4, 8, 12, 16, or 20-stamps


10-count Sheet Purchase types (June 2002 - Present):


37c................20, 30, 40, or  50-stamps

23c................10 or 20-stamps

60c................10 or 20-stamps

$3.85..............1, 2, 5, or 10-stamps

23c................20, 30, 40, or 50-stamps





$13.65............1, 2, 5, or 10-stamps


A "short set" consist of the items in red.  A short set provides a collector's representation (i.e. for your stamp album) of all stamp denominations and/or stamps types. The 60c sheet is duplicated in the short set, however a short set is normally purchased in a fixed sequence (37c to $13.65), so that the 60c foreign purchase can be easily identified (between the 50c and 70c purchase).


Approximately 12 short sets were created in 2002 (July 2002 through December 2002) with the 10-count stamp sheets at kiosk #6.


An even rarer set is the "long set", all demoninations and its purchase types (you do the math - over $400).  This is a large sum of money for a stamp purchase. Approximately 3 sets were made in 2002 at kiosk #6.  A long set is difficult to make since each denomination purchase type may not have a selection on the screen (seems that Neopost TM runs different version of software with selections missing).  For example, the 37c stamp has 4 purchase types (20, 30, 40, and 50).  Normally the 30 and 40 purchase type are missing as a selection option on the screen.