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January 8, 2003 Update.
I added a new variety to my collection on January 6, 2003. A unique sequencial set of Express Mail sheet errors.  The amount of purchase is stuck at $136.50 for 1, 2, and 5 stamps purchases. And of course a 10 stamp purchase was made to complete the set. In addition, the valid stamp's control numbers are replaced with the word "ERROR".
As a side note, January 6, 2003 is the first day Kiosk #6 was activated in 2003.  Only one "short set" was purchased and is dated January 6, 2003. A review of the sheets also reflect a problem with the Priorty Mail stamp sheets (stuck at $38.50 for 1, 2, and 5 stamp purchases).
Neopost Officals that maintain the kiosk were notified on January 7 (after addtional purchases were made). Notification was made to verify correct billing to my credit card account.

First new variety in 2003!

 January 12, 2003 Update.
Can you identify the five anomolies on this stamp sheet that was purchased on January 10, 2003? This sheet was purchased at approximately 11:52AM. The answers are at the bottom of the picture.


(1) Dash replaces the first digit of the time.
(2) Purchase time reflects PM, when in fact it was purchased in the AM.
(3) The M of AM or PM is missing.
(4) A valid control number is replaced with the word ERROR.
(5) Incorrect purchase total amount of $136.50.

February 13, 2003
Repeating Control number from the Rosslyn kiosk!


May 7, 2003
Repeating control number appears at the Baltimore kiosk. An attempt was made to make a short set. The  kiosk ran out printable sheets after the 23c postcard sheets were printed. This partial short set lacks a 50c, 60c, 70c,  80c and $13.65 sheet. The Kiosk was servicable on May 13. A single short set was made and all  stamp demominations/purchases were verified to have have the repeating control number.

June 3, 2003
Repeating control numbers error was repaired. Normal set of control numbers are being used. Note: Prior to the correction of this error, I created only a single short set and a long set (also called a grand set - every stamp denomination and purchase type). To my knowledge this is the only grand error set in existance. A complete inventory of my purchases during this error period will be released in the future. In addition, only one cover was created with a full sheet (date on sheet and hand cancel are May 19, 2003). To my knowledge this is the only error sheet on cover (and the first for this stamp).

Matching Control Number Error