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Sales History

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Sales Highlights

I have been monitoring the sales of the Neopost TM Stamp sheets at public online auction houses. I have listed a few notable items and the price that it realized. 
If you would like to provide information to this page, please contact me. Information must be verified prior to publishing. Verification can be actual link to item or end of auction e-mail to seller or buyer. Private sales items require verification from both seller and buyer.

Auction Sales in 2003
Neopost Stamps Covers - Two 34c Covers and partial used 4-stamp sheet (covers are 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Pictorial  cancellation). eBay TM,   02/10/03 - $250.
Neopost 10 stamp Transaction "short set"-  eBay TM,   03/05/03 - $153.28.

Neopostage 34c 4 Stamp Sheet FIRST DESIGN- eBay TM  8/9/03 -  $760.00

Neopostage 34c 4 Stamp EAGLE Sheet Neopost - eBay TM, 8/9/03 -$492.00
Neopostage $3.50 - 10 stamp sheet Hayward, eBay TM, 8/9/03 -$222.50