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Originals Club

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"Originals Club"  is defined as an original purchasers of Neopost four-stamp sheets, whose credit card information appears on the selvage.

1) Credit Card type and last 4 numbers
2) Purchaser initials (names to filled in at a later date after granted permission)
3) Kiosk locations.
V***4533, KR, Hayward & West*Quest*Lobby
V***4580, DG, West*Quest*Lobby
V***2588, DG ,West*Quest*Lobby
V***5278, DG, West*Quest*Lobby
MC***6554, DG, West*Quest*Lobby 
MC***7597, DG, West*Quest*Lobby
DSCVR**6293, DG, West*Quest*Lobby
4898, CG, NOL Headquarters Lobby
MC***6577, ?, NOL Redwood
V***4898, CG, Neopost Hayward
V***9088, CG, Neopost Hayward & NOL Warrenton Lab 1
V***8194, ?, Neopost Hayward
V**5731, ?, Neopost Hayward
MC***0407, CG, Dallas CC
AMEX**1006, CG, Dallas CC
AMEX**1000, CG, Denver Postal Forum
MC***8827, CG, USPS Rosslyn
V***9544, ?, USPS Rosslyn
AMEX**0909, ?, NOL Warrenton

If you have any Original Club members to submitt or correct,  please contact me.